Divorce Lawyer Wilsonville OR Helping You through the Divorce

Couples who enter marriage today are no longer the same as in the past. The rate of divorce in the country has increased not to mention those who are separated and still pondering their decision whether divorce is the answer to their marital problems. However, if divorce has been on your mind for a while, it certainly won’t hurt to consult a Divorce Attorney in Wilsonville OR for advice on whether you should pursue the divorce case or not.

Women are no longer expected to be subservient to their husbands. They have become bread winners to help with the family’s finances. However, this is not the usual reason for the divorce but how the money earned is being used. Marriage becomes a power struggle. Oftentimes, there is a third party involved which adds to the early deterioration of the marriage.

One of the most leading factors of divorce is monetary problems between the couple. It only makes sense to consult with a Divorce Attorney in Wilsonville OR inasmuch as the subject of money will be discussed in the divorce proceedings specifically those on child and spousal support and division of properties. A divorce attorney will be able to see the real picture since he is not emotionally involved in the situation. A fair settlement can be agreed to be based upon the financial facts and not anger or emotional pain.

When there are children to be considered in a divorce, it becomes more difficult since the couple tend to put first their anger before the best interests of the children. What the Divorce Attorney from Wilsonville OR intends to avoid is emotional trauma that the children will be subjected to. In cases where there is concern over emotional and physical abuse, the divorce attorney will be able to address the issues. Often enough the better judgment of the couple is tinged with anger and recriminations and a lawyer who is not caught in this dynamics is the best person to provide necessary representation.

Child custody is often a problem especially on the side of the father since it is always expected that the mother will gain custody of the children. Fathers usually fear about their rights of visitation and the responsibilities on child support. The best solution on custody issues is for the couple to decide privately without any need for mediation. They have to put the best interests of the children before their anger and emotions. If the couple cannot reach an amicable agreement, the court will judge the child custody case.

To protect the rights in the child custody, a Divorce Attorney from Wilsonville OR must be hired since they are especially experienced in father’s rights and can get the best possible arrangement. In most cases, however, child custody is only awarded to the father if it can be proven that the mother is unfit. The court often looks at the relationship between parent and child. Courts always ensure that the best custody is provided to the child for his best interests. Actually, for the child’s best interests, the child must have both parents in his life.