Discover the Many Benefits of Private Duty Home Care in Easton, MD

Meal preparation, eating, dressing, bathing… these are some of the most significant activities in our daily lives, and yet as we age they can become quite challenging. Yet, because we struggle with daily essentials, it does not mean we cannot remain happily at home and independent. If you have a loved one who is dealing with long or short-term need for help with daily activities, you may want to explore options for private duty home care in Easton, MD.

It is important to understand that someone offering your loved one private duty home care in Easton, MD is not a private nurse. That is something that can come only from home healthcare providers, and often under the recommendation of a physician. Instead, private duty home care is the “rest” of the care needed. As a simple example, your parent, grandparent or loved one may need help with:

  • Getting to and from appointments
  • Handling certain types of housekeeping
  • Tackling laundry, cooking and grooming
  • Keeping up with personal hygiene
  • Socialization, or lack of socialization due to immobility
  • Eating, remembering to take medications, and so on

These are all things that a private duty home care provider can offer. It helps to think of their services as a perfect companion to home health care, which focuses entirely on medical needs. As many people who hire such experts come to realize, if Mom, Grandpa or another family member took a fall and ended up in the hospital, they’ll probably need a period of home health care after returning home. However, that care does not prevent another fall. It is the private caregiver who does that; spending entire days or nights with them and ensuring that they get back on their feet – and stay that way!

If your aging parent or grandparent (or other loved one) needs support with daily activities or is about to head home from a hospital stay after an injury or illness, it is best to determine how to add private duty home care in Easton, MD to their arrangements. Offering everything that the medical providers are unable to supply, they can fill in the gaps and give you and your loved one the peace of mind you deserve. At Capital City Nurses, the entire team is dedicated to the kind of insightful care that your family deserves when life presents a few challenges. Get in touch to discuss your loved one’s needs.

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