Discover An Elevated Student Experience in Austin Close to Campus

Just because your a student doesn’t mean you have to struggle with bills and live without the basic comforts of home to surviving the college experience. This UT Austin housing property offers students spacious floor plan options, furnished accommodations, and plush community amenities to help you unwind after a long week of studying and classes.

Always Stay Connected

No matter how far from home you may be while attending the University of Texas, you can always stay connected to home through the community internet service. Whether you’re relaxing in your bedroom playing online games with your siblings or studying in the media room over video chat with your best friend back home, you can always rely on the connection to keep you connected with the ones who matter to you most.

Minimize Your Monthly Expenses

One of the most significant advantages to living in this UT Austin housing is the included utilities in your rent and monthly fees. You can choose a fully-furnished apartment to ensure you won’t have to waste your budget on furniture and decor. Not only do they make sure you have all the furniture you need to be comfortable, but you’ll have a flat-screen TV to keep you entertained when relaxing at home. Included in your rent is the electricity, trash disposal, and internet, which takes a massive chunk out of your monthly pile of bills.

Check out all the amazing features and UT Austin housing apartments available for students at Lark Austin by visiting their website today.

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