Discover Affordable Kids Birthday Party Ideas

by | Dec 3, 2012 | Event

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Many times when you begin to plan your child’s birthday you are only thinking of how fun the party will be and how much your child is going to love it, cost is never really much of a concern until you get smack in the middle of planning. Cost can be a huge issue if you live on a tight budget. Most of us now a day’s do live on tight budgets and we have to limit the extra things we do as a result. A few affordable kids birthday party ideas will be outlined here to give you a starting point.

A great kid’s birthday party idea that is very reasonable to hold is to have the party at a local park. I have done this many times for my own daughter’s birthday parties and they have all turned out to be very fun times for all. Many times you will have a fee if you choose to hold the party under a shelter but he fee is very small and well worth it, if it happens to rain at some point during the party. Also these shelters generally offer trash cans and also a grill if you decide to have burgers at the party. You can do whatever you want at these low budget parties but don’t forget you are at the park and there is plenty already there for the children to do. You do not have to break the bank to have a party at the park.

Another good kid’s birthday party idea that is quite affordable is to have the party in your own home. Many people today tend to think they have to have huge parties at some local play area that charges way too much for their services. The downside to using one of these play areas to hold your party is that basically all you get for your money is a small room and a cake, you still have to provide everything else the kids will need. By having your child’s party at your home you are not only saving a lot of money but also making family memories in your own home that will be cherished for a life time.

You can theme the party any way you like and use your backyard as your playground. You can set up relay races and sac races and theme the party around racing. Boys will love this type of party especially if they are into Nascar racing. You may even want to have materials at the party, inexpensive ones of course, that will allow for each child to build their own racecar. Cardboard can make a child’s imagination go wild. Have fun with it!

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