Did the Insurance Adjuster Offer Too Little? Contact Experienced Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers in Minneapolis, MN

Accidents happen in a moment, but can change lives forever. Shortly after an accident, expect a call from an insurance adjuster. There are a few things to do and say, and a few things to avoid at all costs according to motorcycle accident injury lawyers in Minneapolis, MN.

An Insurance Adjuster’s Job

An insurance adjuster might be called a claims representative or an independent claims analyst, but they’re all doing the same job. If the insurance claim is for a fender-bender with limited damage to the vehicle and no personal injuries, everything will probably go fairly smoothly. However, when someone has been seriously injured, it can be an entirely different story.

The job of an insurance adjuster isn’t to make the accident victim whole and fix all of the problems caused by the accident. The insurance adjuster’s job is to make money for the insurance company by settling the claim for as little as possible.

The Two Numbers That an Insurance Adjuster Never Forgets

When an insurance adjuster is looking at a claim file, there are two very important dollar amounts.

* How much the adjuster thinks the claim is worth.

* The maximum amount that the insurance adjuster is allowed to pay, or the insurance adjuster’s “authority.”

If an insurance adjuster always pays the highest dollar possible, they should probably update their resume and begin checking the help wanted ads.

How to Talk to an Insurance Adjuster

* Don’t agree to a recorded statement. There is no legal obligation to be recorded, and the adjuster cannot legally record the conversation without permission.

* Be polite. Give only basic contact information, but no accident details or personal information about your job, income, or injuries.

* Get the adjuster’s name, address, phone number, and the name of the insurance company.

* Take notes of the conversation.

* Write down a detailed accident account with witness information for later use.

* Don’t settle immediately, as the first amount presented will be a lowball offer.

If you were seriously injured, talk to the experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyers at Rutzick Law Offices in Minneapolis, MN before agreeing to any settlement. This firm is focused on helping seriously injured accident victims. Visit their website to request a free case evaluation.

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