Deployment of Airbags and How This Relates to Auto Insurance in Winston Salem, NC

Airbags deploying or not deploying can lead to the need to claim with one’s Auto Insurance in Winston Salem NC. Many of these claims relate to property damage, as the car might be considered a total loss if two airbags are used since replacing them is costly.

Deployment of Airbags

An airbag deploying when it is not supposed to be a very rare incident. However, if one deploys because of a collision, the car typically is seriously damaged because of the accident, not even considering the cost of the protective device. Also, replacing airbags is expensive. With an older car, just the cost of replacing two airbags might be more than the vehicle is worth in fair market value. Insurance companies only approve of repair work up to a certain percentage of that value.

Collision and Liability Coverage

For a collision caused by the policyholder, the person’s Auto Insurance in Winston Salem NC must include collision coverage, or a claim cannot be made regarding airbag deployment. If someone else caused the collision, that person’s liability insurance would pay for the damage or the value of the car if it is declared a total loss. Their insurance also will pay for any injuries that occurred.

Under-insured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Including a provision for under-insured and uninsured motorists in an automotive policy is important. Otherwise, if another driver causes a collision and does not have adequate car insurance or any at all, the other person’s policy is not liable for paying. A representative with an independent agency such as Darst Insurance can explain more about this.


Airbags are very reliable. Nevertheless, on rare occasion, the equipment does not work as intended. If the device does not deploy, the person is at greater risk of injury. Car insurance pays for medical expenses and lost wages, but the owner may still want to seek compensation from the manufacturer under defective product liability regulations. It should be noted that if the manufacturer pays compensation to cover medical bills and lost income, the auto insurer will be reimbursed if the company has already provided payment.

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