Dentists in Lincoln Park Keep Smiles Healthy and Beautiful

Dentists keep teeth healthy and create beautiful smiles. Strong teeth help people stay fit as they age because they can chew a variety of nutritious foods. Regular check-ups are the cornerstone of any dental health program. Most Dentists in Lincoln Park recommend that patients get their teeth cleaned every six months. If the person has a history of periodontal disease, check-ups every four months might be required. It’s important to keep gum disease under control because the bacteria that cause it can spread to the remainder of the body. Certain types of heart disease have been linked to this bacteria.

If the dentists do identify a dental cavity at a regular check-up, there’s a good chance that it’s small and easily treated. Dentists in Lincoln Park use tooth-colored fillings made from resin. These are stronger than the silver fillings used in the past and they match the tooth exactly. Patients love the way their teeth remain white with these modern fillings. When small cavities are treated, there is less trauma to the tooth. Its structure remains strong and stable. However, if a patient waits too long, a large portion of the dental pulp may have to be removed. Over time the tooth will dry out and become brittle. It will also be more susceptible to decay.

Dentists in Lincoln Park – often recommend that a porcelain crown be placed over a tooth in this condition. An impression of the tooth is sent to a dental laboratory, where a technician makes a custom crown to precisely fit the space. Great care is taken to match the shade of the crown to the color of the surrounding teeth. Therefore, if the patient is considering a teeth whitening procedure, it’s a good idea to have it first. Then the crown will match the whiter teeth. Bleaching chemicals don’t work on porcelain crowns.

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