Deck and Patio Design Tips for Suffolk County NY

Patios are a great way to turn a plain backyard into a useful, comfortable and orderly extension of your home. There are many things to consider when designing a patio, from aesthetics to budget, space and purpose. Many look to home decor and design magazines and websites for inspiration and ideas as to what kind of Patio Design will best fit the space.

One of the most important things to think of when designing a patio is the ratio of space. Some want a patio that occupies the entire yard, while others want a dedicated corner in a larger green space. If you do not garden, Decks Suffolk County, NY are a low-maintenance option.

Patios are made from different materials, such as brick, wood, concrete, tile or stone. Concrete is the least-expensive option, but it can give an impersonal appearance. Wood looks more natural, and sealing can prevent discoloration and deterioration. Brick adds flair, while tile or stone can give a more refined appearance.

Another patio design aspect to consider is roofing. Some patios have partial shades to protect the space from heat, rain and wind; adding a pergola or overhang can allow the patio to be used all year round.

Most patios have some sort of furnishings as part of the overall design. Even a simple picnic table can be a great spot for an outdoor lunch, while wicker furniture can turn it into a hideaway perfect for a morning cup of coffee. When selecting furniture, try to find that which is fade-resistant and intended for outdoor use. Consider installing an umbrella to protect your furniture; if you live in a rainy or cold area, buy patio furniture that can easily be stored indoors.

You can liven up any patio design with plants. Hibiscus, ferns and bright flowers can lend a tropical feel, while violets, ivy and camellias offer a more formal air. You can even grow vegetables and herbs in pots, or add plants such as lilies, jasmine or honeysuckle to make the air smell sweet.

Make your patio your own with some interesting accessories. Outdoor fountains, birdbaths, ponds and statues are great ways to add interest and detail to your outdoor space. If you plan to use your patio in the evenings, consider adding a lamppost or strings of lights. With a bit of planning and some patience, Decks Suffolk County NY will be enjoyed year-round.