Crystal Trophies and Awards for Scholars

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Trophies

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Crystal trophies and awards have definitely become one of the most popular award types in recent years. These are most often used for corporate awards, recognizing top sales employees or commemorating years of service. In fact, many large companies use only crystal awards for their annual award events. But, crystal trophies make great awards for students, as well, particularly when used for the highest academic achievements. The high end look of a crystal award definitely signifies work that is a cut above the average.

Crystal is the Most Elegant Looking Award

Crystal awards are the most beautiful and prestigious you can buy. These have an elegant look that cannot be duplicated in awards made from metal or other materials. In addition, today’s crystal awards are highly configurable, letting you add details and features that aren’t available with other types of awards. This allows each crystal award you create to be totally unique. Your school’s mascot and other details can be showcased in each award along with an inscription that ensures the student will always have a tangible memory of work well done.

Cost is Always a Factor

When schools are purchasing student awards, cost is often a big factor. Crystal trophies and awards are among some of the most expensive awards out there, because of the cost of the material. This means it’s not likely that these can be used for every student award of the year.

However, it is worth considering a little extra cost when recognizing the highest academic honors in the school. Those students with a 4.0 grade point average, or the valedictorian of the class deserve an award that is high on style.

Work With Your Dealer

Your trophy dealer can help you learn how to get the best deals on all your awards, including those made of crystal. It is important to learn the cost of these items when preparing your awards budget for the year. In addition, it’s important to order with enough lead time to avoid any rush charges. With some finesse, you may find that it’s not so difficult to work a few crystal trophies and awards into this school year’s awards budget.

Student achievement awards made from crystal are certain to light up any student’s eyes. Students and parents alike will be thrilled to see your school recognize the best of the best with an award that is the best of the best, too.

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