Creating Living Space: Tips For Residential Basement Repair

While the idea of adding another room to the house is out of the question, choosing to create living space in what already exists will work. Specifically, it’s time to convert the basement from a general storage area into a nice den or family room. Here are some ideas for Residential Basement Repair that will make the space more functional.

Sealing the Basement Floor and Walls

After moving all the contents of the basement and cleaning every surface, it pays to have a professional in Residential Basement Repair come in and coat the masonry with some type of sealing agent. The goal is to make the walls and floors waterproof. Doing so will go a long way toward preventing the space from feeling damp. A dry basement means the chances of mold and mildew developing are kept low. That’s important since the last thing the homeowner wants is a basement full of upholstered pieces that smell unpleasant.

Covering the Walls

There are a number of ways to brighten the space even if there are only a couple of small windows in the overall design. Using light colors for the walls is one way to go about the process. Lighter colors make the space look larger and will also reflect natural and ambient light more efficiently. The masonry can be painted with ease, or it can be covered using paneling that is painted to suit the tastes of the owner. A professional will know how to use the right type of insulation behind the paneling and make it easier to control the temperature in the space.

How About the Floor?

There are plenty of options for making the floor look great. One approach is to clean and stain the concrete. If desired, a stencil can be used to create a pattern. Once that is done, applying the same sealant used for the walls will prevent seepage and keep the floors looking great. If the owner likes, area rugs can be used to help define spaces for lounging, eating, playing board games, of whatever other activities are planned for the basement.

Whether the plan is to undo some type of damage to a basement or convert it into living space, call the team at Toledo Basement Repair today. In no time at all, the basement will be everything the owner hoped. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!