Create the Perfect Body Art Using Custom Tattooing

Body art is one of the most personal methods available for expressing yourself. The most common technique used in this area of self expression is the tattoo. There are many pictures, logos and sayings that a person can choose from, but stock tattoos say very little about a person. In fact, because your tattoo will be around for a very long time it is important to select one that you will be happy with. Custom Tattooing is the best way to make that choice because you and the tattoo artist work together to create the perfect image.

Tattoos often confuse the uninitiated because of the way colors must be applied. It isn’t always possible to get the color selection you desire because the inks fade and the color doesn’t always look right once applied. This is one reason it is important to discuss your desires with the tattooist. Their experience in tattoo application will be invaluable when selecting the color and style of tattoo you want. It is also important to keep in mind that really complex tattoos need to be applied in multiple sessions. While many common tattoos can be drawn fairly quickly, multiple colors usually need a little time for curing.

Designing a tattoo isn’t quite the same as drawing a picture. It can be difficult to get a lot of detail in the tattoo image because of the way the ink enters the skin. This is one reason that tattoos use dark ink for as much of the picture as possible. Black ink makes outlining possible which is useful for producing sharp details. Consider a simple image like the butterfly. This drawing requires dark ink to properly show off the wing structure and create detail in the segments.

Many people are opting for extremely complex tattoos. These are pictures that can cover the shoulder, stomach or back and provide very intricate detail. Popular choices include animals, dragons and skulls. A combination of these images can make some very interesting statements. Your personal tattoo is the best way to get people to notice you because people love looking at body art. If you have been thinking about Custom Tattooing, be sure to visit Da Vinci Tattoo. Tweet us on Twitter!

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