Cosmetic Dentistry in Laurel, MS Can Give Everyone a Beautiful Smile

People now know that cosmetic dentistry in Laurel, MS can whiten their teeth, straighten them and even use implants to fill holes cause by tooth extractions. This means that everyone can have a beautiful smile to be proud of. Teeth whitening procedures are the most frequently requested cosmetic dentistry procedure. In just a single 90-minute office visit, a dentist can whiten teeth up to eight shades. Many patients avoid this procedure, because they fear it will damage the enamel on their teeth. The whitening product actually contains a product that strengthens the enamel.

Less porous enamel is more stain resistant. Patients are sent home with instructions to maintain this treatment. They are also given at-home whitening kits to boost their brushing and flossing. If a patient follows these instructions their whitening treatment will last for about two years.

Cosmetic dentistry in Laurel, MS also has many options to fill in the gaps left between teeth after a tooth is lost. Dental Implants are the best treatment option available for most patients. A titanium implant is inserted into the patient’s jaw bone. Once the jaw has incorporated the implant into its fiber, it’s as strong as the natural tooth root. It’s important to have this procedure as soon as possible after the tooth is lost. Because the jaw has no root to support, it begins to lose mass as soon as the tooth is extracted. If the patient waits too long, there won’t be enough jaw bone to hold the implant in place. After the implant is secure in the jaw, the dentist attaches a porcelain crown to it.

Crooked teeth are another Cosmetic Dentistry problem that many adult patients face. They are interested in the clear aligners that can gently move their teeth into place. This treatment option would allow them to maintain a professional image while they straighten their teeth.

The process begins with the dentist taking an impression of the upper and lower teeth. This is sent to a dental laboratory, where a technician feeds this information into a computer. It then produces a series of clear aligners that the person uses. The aligners are replaced every two weeks.