Convenient and Efficient Onsite Millwright and Field Machining Services

Many industries find that repair on large machinery isn’t feasible if it means displacing it outside of the worksite. To solve this problem, onsite machining services provide a convenient and efficient means of keeping equipment in working order.

Field Machining Specialists

Best Field machining companies bring to bear extensive and specialized knowledge in portable milling machines, solving the problem of repairs when shipping isn’t a viable option. Highly-trained machining professionals can complete repairs or maintenance in the facility, keeping downtime at a minimum.

A Talented Team

Field machining companies consist of a group of technicians in a wide range of professions, including custom machine tool engineers, technical reps and project managers who work in partnership to bring effective refurbishment and machining solutions to the location.

Field Machining Services

As a field machining company, our wide-reaching range of onsite measurement and machining capabilities and talented professionals can offer such services as:

  • Milling
  • Line Boring
  • Doweling/Drilling
  • Clamshell Portable Lathe Work
  • Base Plate Machining
  • Valve Reseating
  • Spade Drilling
  • Stud Removal
  • Hole Boring

Field Machining Rental

We also offer rental services for repair and machining flexibility, including rentals on:

  • Portable Flange Facing and Pipe Cutting Machines
  • Industrial and Heavy-Duty Drills
  • Portable Line Boring Machines
  • Field Machining Equipment
  • Stress Relieving Equipment
  • Shaft Lathes

Rely on a Turkey Solutions Specialist

As a millwright and field machining company, we provide turnkey solutions for maintenance and installation and upgrade, overhaul, repair and maintenance services for industrial reciprocating and rotating equipment in the petrochemical industry. We also design and fabricate pump bases to spec and offer 3D metrology services and highly-accurate laser tracking and scanning with the Faro Laser Tracker Vantage.

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