Control the Sun with Solar Screens

You go to great lengths to protect the people and possessions you have in your house. You take great care of your car too. You make sure it doesn’t get dinged in parking lots and you wash and wax it to keep it looking good. In your home, you use door locks, alarm systems and security lighting to keep everything in it safe. But why aren’t you protecting your furniture, carpets and drapes protected from the fading UV rays of the sun? Solar screens are an economical way to protect these things and save money on your energy bills.

What are Solar Screens?
These screens are made from a mesh like, flame and fade resistant material and are fixed on the outside of your windows. The result is the most cost effective item you can buy to reduce your energy bill and protect your furnishings from fading because of sun exposure. Think of them as sunglasses for your house. They can stop 97 percent of the sun’s heat rays and glare before they even reach your windows. That means that even on the hottest days, you can reduce the indoor temperature of your house by ten to 20 degrees just by using solar screens. Imagine how much less your air conditioner will have to run!

Can I Still See Out?
Yes, you can still see outside when your screens are lowered. As a matter of fact, you’ll see better. Without all the glare of the sun coming through your windows, you’ll enjoy your view even more. And these screens also add privacy as they block visibility from the outside.

How are they Installed?
One of the most popular types of Solar Screen is the cassette screen. These are mounted on the exterior of the window with a frame and are available in either manual or motorized operation. A professional installer will make sure you have complete coverage of the window. The durable frames and fabrics that make up the screens can be counted on to block the harmful rays of the sun for many years. Protect your furniture, carpets and drapes and keep your house up to 20 degrees cooler with these economical screens.

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