Contact A Dog Bite Attorney in Queens, NY If You’ve Been Bitten

If you have been bitten by someone’s dog, seek medical help immediately. After the bite has been treated, you need to seek legal counsel from a dog bite attorney in Queens NY. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal process of seeking recourse for the pain and suffering inflicted on you. It can be hard to navigate the process on your own, which is why you should seek legal counsel.

The first thing your lawyer will do for you is conduct an investigation. During the investigation, your lawyer will try to determine if the owner of the dog acted negligently. The lawyer will try to establish where the dog was, and how the owner of the dog presented the dog. The lawyer will look into what steps the dog owner took to protect others from the dog. Your lawyer will also investigate and to figure out if the dog has a history of violence. If the dog has a history of violence, it changes the equation.

Next, your lawyer will deal with the insurance adjusters for you. If the dog bite occurred when you were at someone else’s house, you can file a claim against their homeowner’s insurance policy. It can be a lot of work dealing with their insurance adjusters. Their insurance adjusters will try to find a way to get out of paying you. Your attorney will stand up for your rights throughout the insurance review process.

If the dog owner’s insurance policy is willing to settle, your Dog Bite Attorney will make sure that you get a fair settlement. Often, insurance companies will try to low-ball you with their first offer. Your attorney will make sure that you are offered a fair settlement. If you are not offered a fair settlement, your attorney can take the case to court for you.

If you suffered a bite by someone else’s dog, you need to contact a dog bite attorney in Queens NY, right away. Your attorney can conduct an investigation for you. They can deal with the dog owner’s insurance company. They will make sure that you are offered a fair settlement; if you are not, they will take the case to civil court for you.
Contact a dog bite attorney

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