Consulting A Professional Wrongful Death Attorney In Columbus IN To Assist You

Professional Wrongful Death Attorney in Columbus IN offers legal counsel in these troubling times. These cases are often emotional and at times difficult for the families as they must relive the events that led up to the death of their loved one. These events may relate to a car accident or other incident that was not deemed murder. In these cases, it is imperative that the attorney provides significant links between the circumstances and the death itself.

The Creation of the Timeline

In court proceedings, it is urgent to present the series of events that led up to the death of your loved one. In doing this, your selected attorney will construct a timeline. This timeline will consist of each detail that led ultimately led up to your loved one’s death. If the case relates to an automobile accident, your attorney will discuss the details with the local law enforcement officials who handled the accident. This will provide relevant details that will answer the how and why of this occurrence. It will show the judge how negligence played a role in causing the death.

The judge will review these details while making a decision. These decisions will include whether the judge believes that the death was wrongful and if negligence was involved. He or she will also determine the amount of the settlement in which you will receive upon winning your lawsuit.

Local Attorneys

Alcorn, Sage, Schwartz & Magrath LLP provide you with information related to wrongful death lawsuits. This information provides you with options and allows you to determine which course of action is most suitable for your needs. He will offer guidance and legal counsel to ensure that your case is handled properly and without error. If you would like to determine what this attorney can do for your wrongful death case, you should schedule a consultation by calling his local office.


A wrongful death lawsuit is a claim against someone or a collective that caused the death of your loved one through an act of negligence. These cases require significant links between the party that is at fault and the circumstances that led up to the death. An attorney who practices within the personal injury field is familiar with the relevancy of each detail and will present these details in court.

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