Considering Options for Shower Enclosures in Wichita KS

After giving the matter a lot of thought, the homeowner has decided that dealing with a shower curtain is no longer worth the time and the trouble. The obvious solution is to consider adding an enclosure to the shower. Here are some tips that will make it easier to compare the merits of different kinds of Shower Enclosures in Wichita KS and settle on the best solution.

Choice of Materials – Shower Enclosures in Wichita KS can be made using several different types of materials. Some will include tempered glass in the design, coupled with some sort of metal framework. Others will utilize some clear type of plastic instead of glass. There are even designs that are marketed as being frameless. Taking the time to look at each type will make it all the easier to determine which one would be best in terms of function and cost.

The Design of the Enclosure – A key element to consider is the design of the shower enclosure. For many people, space in the bathroom is at a premium. That would call for an enclosure design that includes sliding doors, rather than doors that open outward. In larger bathrooms, enclosure doors that open outward may be a nice decorative element within the space.

The Ease of Installation – Unless the plan is to do some extensive remodeling to the existing bathroom, it pays to identify options that can be installed with a minimum of difficulty. The right enclosure will fit snugly around a bathtub and be easy to seal so that water will not leak during use. A contractor can assess the nature of the bathroom and make suggestions for enclosures that will be a perfect fit and take very little time to install. There is no need for the homeowner to try to take on the task of choosing an enclosure alone.

The team at Bowers Plumbing Company can easily make suggestions that are a good fit for the space, and that offer the benefits that the homeowner desires. For anyone who is tired of shower curtains, give them a call today. The enclosure can be chosen and installed in a matter of days.

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