Compressors in PA Get the Job Done

Portable air compressors can be very useful around any home workshop and garage. The compressors convert power into kinetic energy, or in layman’s terms, they forcefully push air through a hose. The tool is best for inflating tires, sport equipment and air mattresses, but the device will also power pneumatic tools such as staplers, nail guns, drills or sanders. The air-powered tools are significantly less expensive and more powerful than standard tools.

Air compressors vary in terms of their CFM (cubic-feet-per-minute). CFM is the most important factor to consider when purchasing a compressor. Other aspects to consider include horsepower, size, whether they’re gasoline or electric, and oil-lubricated or oil-free. Customers should investigate all the specific features thoroughly to ensure a proper purchase for their needs. The single-stage compressors are light duty, usually purchased for household needs, although they’re bigger and more powerful than portable air compressors. The two-stage compressors are heavy-duty units for commercial use.

While air compressors can be very expensive, some companies such as Air Center Inc. PA that offer Compressors PA, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, offer new, used, or reconditioned units as well as rentals. Some companies provide Compressors PA, that are custom built air compressors to meet a client’s specific requirements. In case of industrial air compressors often used in manufacturing plants, failing units can cause an emergency situation. Companies that provide Compressors PA, also offer parts and services on malfunctioning air compressors 24 hours a day.

The smaller air compressors can offer many interesting and less common uses. Airbrush painting is one of the more unusual reasons to purchase an air compressor. A highly creative person can use it to paint small objects such as skateboards or skis, as well as larger ones like a motorcycle, a car or a boat. Another uncommon use of an air compressor is to build a snow machine. There are actual YouTube videos detailing the process. Making one’s own paintball gun is another interesting use of the device. Pressure washing and sandblasting are also based on air compression, and can prepare surfaces for further work such as painting. Special air compressors are also used for surface and scuba diving cylinders. Visit for more information.

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