Commonly Replaced Massey Ferguson 135 Parts That And Their Availability

Forty-five years after being discontinued the Massey Ferguson 135 is still in demand in developing countries and for restoration. A 135 enthusiast who goes by WM has shared their experience with 135s and Massey Ferguson 135 parts.


Sometimes sealer is enough to stop a radiator leak. Radiators are Massey Ferguson parts that are reproduced. WM states that buying an entire reproduction radiator is cheaper than a new core.

Water Gauges

For a 135 that sees regular use, a 135 owner might choose a new gauge. For a restoration, an original gauge is preferable. According to WM, reproduction water gauges aren’t true to the originals.

Hose Kits

Hose kits are among the Massey Ferguson 135 parts that are still available. The kit includes a bottom, by-pass, inlet, and top hose. Some kits include hose clamps. Whether the tractor has a straight or swept axle determines the hose kit you need.

Engine Rebuild Kits

There is no point in partially rebuilding an MF 135 engine. WM states that if you are going to take the engine apart anyway it makes more sense to buy an engine rebuild kit and do a complete rebuild.

Wiring Looms

Wiring looms are Massey Ferguson 135 parts that commonly need replacement. A loom with missing insulation is a fire hazard. Replacement wire looms are available.

Whenever you are planning to buy, choose experienced company that provide wide range of Massey Ferguson 135 parts, as they can guide you which will be the best fit for your needs.

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