Commonly Asked Questions About Chimney Sweep Service In Baltimore MD

A clean chimney is a safe chimney, and that’s why you should have a licensed chimney sweep inspect and clean your chimney at least once a year. Read the commonly asked questions below to learn more about the importance of hiring an experienced Chimney Sweep Service in Baltimore MD.

Q.) What causes a chimney to be unsafe?

A.) If the inside of your chimney is dirty, this grime buildup can cause it to catch on fire. As you burn wood in your stove or fireplace, it produces various substances including gasses, water vapor, and hydrocarbon. As the smoke rises up through your fireplace and flows out of the top of your chimney, these substances leave a residue on the inside of your chimney. This residue, also known as creosote, can easily catch on fire due to the high temperatures inside of your chimney. When you hire a professional Chimney Sweep Service in Baltimore MD, the technician will clean all of the dangerous creosote off of your chimney walls.

Q.) Should a chimney be cleaned once a year even if it’s not used very often?

A.) Even though you may not use your fireplace or stove all the time, it’s better to be safe and have your chimney inspected every year. While examining your chimney, the inspector will be able to determine if your chimney needs to be cleaned or if any repairs need to be done to the structure.

Q.) What can be done to help prevent the buildup of creosote in a chimney?

A.) In addition to an annual chimney cleaning by an experienced Chimney Sweep Service in Baltimore MD, burn seasoned firewood that is at least six months old. Newly cut wood has an abundance of moisture inside, and this contributes to creosote buildup. Make sure that the fire in your stove is receiving plenty of air while it’s burning. When your fire is deprived of air, this causes more creosote to develop inside your chimney.

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