Common Signs That Indicate You Have Hearing Loss in Ada

Hearing loss in Ada is a common problem. However, if this problem is caught early, then it is a lot easier for you to treat. There are several signs that indicate you have hearing loss.

You Have Trouble Hearing on the Phone

If you are having trouble on the phone, then you should turn up the volume. You likely have hearing loss if you have the volume on the highest setting and still have trouble hearing.

You Hear Buzzing in Your Ears

If you have buzzing in your ears, then the nerve cells in your inner ear may be damaged. You should not be concerned if this only lasts a few minutes. However, if this problem is chronic or lasts several hours, then you will need to get it checked out. This can be a sign of hearing loss.

You Have Balance Issues

Balance and hearing are connected. Your inner ear affects your balance. That is why if you feel that you are more clumsy than usual, then you may have hearing loss in Ada.

People Do Not Speak Clearly

If people’s voices sound muffled, then it is time for you to get your hearing checked. There are people who can still hear high frequencies even though they have hearing loss. That is why you may have an even harder time hearing women’s and children’s voices.

If you suffer from hearing loss, then you can contact EarMaster at for an appointment.

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