Common Questions About Workplace Drug Testing In Cincinnati

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Health

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After filling out a job application and acing your interview, you may have to take a drug test before getting hired for the job. Many companies require Drug Testing in Cincinnati for all new hires and the results of the test will determine whether you’ll be able to work for the company. Drug testing is required for work safety reasons and many jobs, including those in the health care field, also require random drug testing for all employees. Below you’ll learn more about drug testing and the workplace.

Q.) Can a prospective employer in OH make me take a drug test even if I don’t want to?

A.) If a drug test is a requirement to get hired for a job, you certainly don’t have to take the test if you don’t want to; however, you won’t get the job.

Q.) How does drug testing make the workplace safer?

A.) Employees who drive vehicles, forklifts or other types of machinery while on the job cannot be under the influence of drugs. Having drugs in your system while behind the wheel can impair your judgment, slow down your response time and be hazardous for you and other employees. The presence of drugs in your system is also dangerous while performing manual labor or helping customers.

Q.) Where do I need to go for my drug test before being hired for a job?

A.) Participating urgent care centers often provide Drug Testing in Cincinnati for company employees. When you go to an urgent care center for a drug screening, you don’t have to make an appointment and you won’t have to waste your time in the waiting room. An urgent care center can quickly get you in for your test and then you can be on your way.

Eastside Urgent Care can provide you and your family with the medical care you need on the same day you need it. They provide care for non life threatening illnesses and injuries, and you won’t have to wait for hours to see a physician. They also provide drug testing, physical exams and vision screening in OH.

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