Common Problems You May Be Having With Your Plumbing in Fairfield OH

When you have a plumbing problem, your routine daily activities become a hassle. No running water, toilets that won’t flush or clogged drains can really slow things down for you. If you have trouble with your Plumbing in Fairfield OH, call a professional right away to get your household running normally. Below you’ll find some common household plumbing problems and what you can expect from your plumber.

Q.) I don’t have any hot water in the house. Does this mean that I need a new hot water heater?

A.) Just because you don’t have hot water doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new heater. Your hot water heater may simply need to be repaired by a professional plumber. Some common issues include a tank full of sediment that needs to be cleaned out, a defective heating element or a broken dip tube.

Q.) My sink takes forever to drain and my toilet isn’t flushing properly. Do I have a serious plumbing problem?

A.) Slow draining sinks are usually the result of a clogged or broken pipe. The pipe could be in your house or it could be underground in the sewer line. A plumber can run several tests on your sewer line to determine where the clog or break is located. If the pipe is clogged, the plumber can use high tech equipment to clear the clog. If the pipe is broken, the plumber can replace the broken pipe.

Q.) My kitchen faucet continually drips and the noise keeps me awake at night. Can a professional who does Plumbing in Fairfield OH fix my leak or do I need to replace my faucet?

A.) Even a small drip from your faucet can waste a lot of water and run up your water bill, so it’s important that you get it fixed right away. The most common cause of a leaky faucet is a worn out o-ring, gasket or washer. You may even have a build up of minerals inside your faucet, especially if you have hard water. A plumber will take your faucet apart, determine the cause of the leak and fix the annoying drip.

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