Common Causes For Hair Loss

It is not true that only men can have thinning and balding hair. Many women suffer from this phenomenon, and it can be doubly embarrassing for a woman who is expected to have a full head of hair. Many women rely on their looks for their confidence and femininity, and losing hair prematurely can cause these women to feel negatively about themselves and develop a low self-image. Fortunately, there are options for womens hair replacement in Scottsdale that can give these women back what they have been robbed of. If you suffer from this problem, and are hoping to figure out why, consider the following common causes of hair loss in women.

The first phenomenon that sends women looking for womens hair replacement therapy in Scottsdale is called telogen effluvium. After a major life event that is stressful, you may notice large chunks of hair falling out during washing, styling or brushing your hair. You will typically notice drastic hair loss anywhere from six weeks to three months after a major life change such as having a baby or a major surgery. In many situations, you must simply wait until your hair is done falling out and starts the regrowth process.

Second, many women lose their hair thanks mostly to their genetic makeup. This is the most common cause of hair loss for both men and women. The gene for hair loss can be inherited from both your mother and your father, and you are more likely to have the gene if both of your parents suffered from the same problem. This condition may start as early as the 20s, and most women notice the hair starting to thin behind the bangs. A doctor can tell you if the hair loss you are experiencing is genetic and if you need to seek womens hair replacement in Scottsdale.

Finally, many women experience hair loss due to autoimmune diseases like Lupus. These diseases cause the body’s immune system to attack itself and try to destroy healthy tissues within the body. Women are often struck with this disease during the years they are bearing children. In order to determine if you have Lupus, you should visit a rheumatologist to examine your joints and other tissues for signs of this disease.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms and feel your hair loss is something you should be concerned about, seek help in the form of womens hair replacement in Scottsdale. You can slow or stop the process with the right treatment that is tailored for your specific situation. Avoid the embarrassment of losing your hair and your identity by finding the best solution for you.

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