Committing a Loved One to a Memory Care Center – 3 Steps to Make it Easier

Once your loved one starts showing symptoms of Dementia, you’ll want to do everything you can to take care of her. However, as the condition progresses and the situation becomes worse, many caretakers begin to consider the benefits of a professional memory care center.

Understandably, committing a loved one to such a facility can be a very emotional process. During the transition, consider the following:

The Transition May Be Tough, But It’s For The Better

What you are doing is not easy — not for you, nor for your loved one, and not for your family members. Remember, you are leaving her in a place with trained and skilled staff who can handle and help her better than you can at this point. Around-the-clock support for your loved one will ensure the care she needs when she needs it most.

Consider Packing For Your Loved One Together

Even though your loved one is suffering from memory loss, you may find it helpful to involve her in the packing process. While the discretion is yours whether to explain where she is going, it can be fun to look over old mementos together, possibly even triggering significant and loving memories. Simple things like her remembering her favorite dress will be a memory to cherish for years to come.

Visit The Facility Before Moving Your Loved One In

Once you’ve chosen a facility for your loved one, thoroughly check its schedule to determine what her daily life will look like. Consider attending events before the big day, even encouraging her to make new friends before she moves on. Not only will this dispel some of your worry, but it will familiarize her with her new home.

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