Commercial Moving Across the Sea for Raleigh Businesses

Shipping commercial freight across an ocean may seem like an impossible task because you do not know where to start. Cargo ships transport individual and commercial items everyday. Customers interested in international shipping require commercial moving. Raleigh, North Carolina is a convenient location to coordinate for the moving industry due to its international deep-water ports and regional economic client.

A reliable and experienced moving company can uniquely manage the process of commercial moving that involves the transportation of freight across the ocean.

Rules and Regulations
Commercial relocation involves many moving organizational parts, which demands experienced coordinating professionals for a successful transportation.

  • Multilingual Coordinators – When moving shipments across the sea or through international air spaces, it is recommended to work with moving professionals who can effectively communicate with individuals in the desired country’s native language.
  • Customs/Exchange Regulations – In addition to various spoken languages, shipments may be carried to countries with unfamiliar customs or exchange regulations. Commercial relocation requires ISO 9001 and FAIM certifications, which can be provided by a qualified moving company.
  • Claims – Finally, claims management can be controlled for shipping.

A New Type of Shipping
Most individuals are familiar with sending a package in the mail through their local post office, but commercial relocation services can include air and ocean transportation services, which require particular criteria to be met for packing.

  • Special Packing – Commercial relocation services that includes crating and specialty packing insures a shipment will be protected. Additionally, import and export documentation is used for customs clearance.
  • Effective Packing – Packing services can be involved from the very beginning so shipments are packed, sent, and delivered to exact specifications.

Storage Options
Additionally, storage is an option for commercial moving. Raleigh is home to storage facilities for short or long term shipments. This service can also be found in other locations upon request.

For individual storage purposes, the short or long term shipments can be relocated for an individual resident. Moving professionals can assist with the relocation across the ocean or in the air to the desired location. Start the process by finding a quality commercial relocation provider that has the capabilities to handle international oceanic transport services.