Coming Together At Fellowship Bible Church Dallas

The Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas is a place where Christians can come together and worship God. The people within the congregation form a strong community of Christians that perform good work for others in need. And they are always in need of new members to help them carry out their mission to build a better place for everyone.


The Fellowship Bible Church is a place where people can come together and worship God. This church has several different places where people can come and hear the message of the Lord. They have a team of people who help them to worship in song and send the message of God to the congregation. This is done through the hymns that can be found in prayer books and hymnals all over the country. And the preachers at this church prepare a sermon each week to send a message to those who attend service.

Helping Families

The fellowship bible church is an active member of the community that lies around the church. They work hard to provide those in need with the things that will help them to prosper. It is for this reason that this church has a ministry that feeds families around the community that are in need of food for their home. There are, unfortunately, many people in this area that do not have the money to buy groceries. The church is aware of this fact and has actively taken steps to help these families.

The fellowship bible church also helps families that are in need of clothing for their children. They collect a variety of clothes for children of all age ranges. Once collected, these clothes are given to the children in the community who need them the most. This church also has a marathon that benefits the homeless shelter which houses the people in the community who are in need of a home. All the monies collected from this run go to this organization.

Mission Work

Like other churches all over the country, this entity has missions to different countries. These missions are sent to help people in a variety of ways. The people who do mission work will go into small communities where people have nothing. They will help these individuals to build a better lives for themselves as well as their children. This is done by teaching them how to farm the land, build new homes and other skills which will allow them to build up the community.