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by | Apr 29, 2014 | Air Conditioning

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We hear on TV and read in our papers; all about climate change, global warming and, even, climate control; but; we can only help on these questions to a limited degree. What we are more interested in is climate control within our own homes, workplaces and, in fact, anywhere where we find ourselves indoors. To maintain a comfortable living temperature indoors; regardless of what is happening out of doors; we install what is known as HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) equipment; sometimes on an individual room basis; but, more likely these days; a centralized set-up that can provide both heating and cooling to the entire building.


Keeping Your Cool Has Become More Sophisticated

The statement above can also apply to warming you up; to keep cool, you can still obtain a wall or window mounted aircon unit; but, these are more suited to a cheap motel room than your modern home or office. It started with what are known as split aircon units; where one compressor outside in the yard ran wall mounted units in a number of different rooms within the house. This has now grown to a larger cooling unit which is likely to be located in a house basement; or a plant room for commercial buildings. This high capacity unit is capable of sending cooled air through ductings (installed in the walls or under the floors) throughout the whole dwelling or commercial premises.

In the same manner, centralized air heating units have largely replaced separate fire places in different rooms. Some technologies allow the same cooling unit that is utilized in summer to become a heating unit in winter. Often, the warmed air will be sent through the same ductings as used for the cool air (obviously not simultaneously but under control of a thermostat linked control panel).

Somebody has to install this sophisticated system and look after its maintenance when it is in use; this is not going to be the work of amateurs or DIY enthusiasts; professional HVAC engineers will be required. Therefore, if you need someone for any aspect of heating and air conditioning in Knoxville, TN; you should check out their credentials before offering them any work; not only their qualifications and track record; but are they licensed and bonded for that type of work?

For a fully qualified and experienced contractor for heating and air conditioning in Knoxville, TN; look no further than Cantrell’s Heat & Air.

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