Clogged Toilet? Drain Cleaning in Norman will Solve the Problem

It is very upsetting to be getting ready for company and have the toilet backup. If a few tries with the plunger don’t work, then it’s time to call the professionals in for Drain Cleaning in Norman. When the plumbing contractor arrives he will use a camera attached to the end of a steel cable to figure out where the leak is and what kind it is made up of. Today’s homes are quite large and they have long plumbing systems. Using the camera makes it easy to find out where the problem is.

If the clog is located within 75 feet of the opening, then the plumber may use a mechanized claw at the end of a steel cable to chew away the clog. He will then use the camera to make sure that the remainder of the drain is clear. Hydrojetting is used on clogs elsewhere in the drain. Water is forced out of a high pressure nozzle at 5,000 psi. This is enough pressure to whisk away almost any clog in the drain. However, if the Drain Cleaning in Norman company discovers that tree roots have invaded the pipes, then the pipes may have to be replaced.

Homeowners may not realize that tree roots are one of the most common causes of clogged drains. This is especially true during droughts. Tree roots will travel 10 or 15 feet looking for water. They are often attracted by the moist leaching field. If the root has not separated the pipe, then hydrojetting will still work. However, if they pipes are severely damaged, then the plumbing contractor will have to replace them. There are new trenchless excavating tools that allow a contractor to dig up the pipe without destroying nearby landscaping. Once the pipe is replaced the water will run freely again. The homeowner should consider taking down the tree or moving it so that it doesn’t clog the pipe again.

Clogged drains can be such an inconvenience, that some people have plumbers clean their drains once a year. This minimizes the risk of ever having a clogged toilet. People can Contact Excel Mechanical Plumbing Heating and Air for more information.

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