Clogged Drain: How To Avoid A Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can create a mess in your home that you would definitely not want to experience. It is not only a health hazard, but it can also damage your floor and plumbing. Toilets are only meant to flush down human waste and toilet paper, but too much of that at once can also cause clogs. Knowing when and what to flush should be made known to all those using the toilet. The following tips will help in the prevention of a clogged drain in Spanish Fork UT.

What is flushable?

Most people assume that because certain materials are soft, then they can be flushed down the drains. Well, you are wrong! Some products like wipes, hair, feminine products, grease, fats and oils are some of the most common causes for clogs. Since they do not disintegrate once flushed, they settle at one point in your drainage pipes and later block anything you flush thus causing a clog. If any product is not indicated as flushable, then do not flush it.

Flush properly

Sometimes even with toilet papers, the amount of flushes will depend on the amount of tissue used. A home with children might be at risk of clogs if they have a habit of rolling large amounts of tissue then trying to flush them. In this case, one should use a number of flushes for the tissue to properly disintegrate and go down the clogged drain in Spanish Fork UT.

Clear the toilet tanks

Many people have a habit of storing things like tissues, soaps and other items which might fall into the toilet bowl without their knowledge. These items will later affect the toilet by clogging it because some are heavy and cannot be easily drained. To avoid problems of this nature, you are advised not to store anything on top of your toilet tank.

Attend to weak flushes

If you notice that the water is draining slowly after you flush, do not wait, act immediately. Use a plumber snake or use the proper plunger with a neckline to address the problem. You do not have to wait for the problem to get worse where you will have to seek for professional help which may end up costing you more. For more information visit

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