Clean Corporate Humor With a Message

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Education

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Motivational speaking is something which can take many forms. There are speakers which focus on overcoming addictions, illnesses or disabilities. Others discuss how to become successful in life, relationships or business. The topics are endless and the tactics and personalities are as well.

Hiring a motivational speaker is a matter of knowing who your audience is and what the message is you wish to get across to them. Of course, if you want anyone to learn anything you have to also find someone who is interesting to listen to.

It is useless to hire someone with a great message if they lack charisma and equally foolish to hire a speaker who can keep the audience in stitches but who fails at having a clear message. If you only wanted to entertain you could hire a magician.

A motivational speaker with a clear message and important lesson who can also provide enough entertainment value is rare, but possible. If you are looking for someone who can motivate your employees by helping to provide business objectives, but keep them laughing as well, there is one clear choice.

Doug Dvorak is a professional speaker who earned high recognition from his skills. He is highly regarded as a speaker who can motivate, inspire and entertain all in one speech. His clean corporate humor makes him perfect for any convention or meeting in any industry.

If you are looking for the perfect way to encourage your staff to achieve their goals or you need to inject a little energy into your workshop, Doug Dvorak is the one who can accomplish these tasks. He has the unusual dual training as an improvisational actor and as a professional speaker. This unique combination has provided him the stage presence and creativity to keep his performance on-topic and enjoyable.

There are plenty of videos and transcripts for you to preview past presentations of Doug’s. He can also provide you with materials and handouts for meetings and presentations as needed. There are multiple services and programs available for him to perform. You can discuss what program will work best for your needs. Learn more about his past speaking appearances and his own brand of clean corporate humor to see if he is a match for your next corporate event.

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