Choosing the Right Shower Door

Making sure you get the right shower door is important. You do not want to worry about a door breaking, showing every stain, or not matching your style. When you find the right place to purchase your shower doors in Chicago, they will know what door is best for your everyday use. While safety is always first, there are a lot of other necessary factors to know before buying a shower door.

Type of Glass

There are many types of glass to use based on the location of the glass and how it is used. For shower doors, you want to make sure you choose the safest type of glass. Showers are used daily, so it is necessary to put a tempered or other safe and durable type of glass there. Laminated glass is also very safe and can withstand a great deal of impact. There are other types of glass that are nice to see, but now best for a shower door, such as insulated or annealed glass. Most of the time, you should also consider getting a frosting over the door to provide a layer of privacy. Most of the time you can choose a special type of glass that is easily cleaned and contains a splash panel. These are all considerations that a professional should discuss with you before making your decision.

Type of Hardware

After the choice of glass is made, you should consider what your want the frame and actual glass to look like. There are many different types of hardware from which to choose. There are framed door options and non-framed door options. There are also options regarding the type of door handle. There’s round, square, and many other shape options. Most of the time you should choose your door handles from the style of the other hardware in your bathroom. Likewise, that is how you should choose the finish on your hardware. You might want a bronze finish, or chrome, there are many choices.

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