Choosing the Right Restaurant in Laurel, MS for a Catering Job

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Restaurant

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The boss has decided to hold a workshop next month, and the employee is charged with making all the arrangements for the food. That means having a caterer take care of providing something for breakfast and lunch. Finding the right Restaurant Laurel MS to manage the catering does not have to be a chore. By asking a few questions, it will be easy to choose the right establishment. Here are some tips that will help.

Catering a Larger Event

As it happens, the workshop will involve almost a hundred people. While just about any restaurant in Laurel MS can handle smaller crowds, not every establishment can supply enough food to feed that many people. Before getting too deep into the discussion, make sure the catering team can handle the number of participants.

Food Choices

The workshop will take place over a period of five days. That, essentially, means planning five different menus. While it’s fine for some items to be included in the menu for each day, there needs to be some variety. Find out what the team can do in terms of providing different selections that will please everyone.

Dealing with Special Diets

Some of the workshop attendees need to be mindful of what they eat. Some may need to limit carbohydrate intake while others must stay away from foods with high levels of cholesterol. What can the caterer do to ensure that those special needs are accounted for in the meal planning? The best choice will have no problem coming up with entrees and side dishes that are healthy and tasty for everyone.

Delivery and Setup

Can the caterer handle the process of delivering and setting up the food in a timely manner? This is important since there needs to be food on hand for both meals as well as breaks. If the caterer can take care of all the details surrounding the food, that will make things much easier for the event planner.

Before spending a lot of time checking out different catering options, call the team at Cotton Blues today. After obtaining the basic information, it will not take long to come up with a menu plan, work out the cost per person, and ensure that there are plenty of good things to eat for the duration of the workshop.

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