Choosing the Right Florist Delivery in Portland OR

Whether you’re sending a single bloom to someone you care about, or you need multiple arrangements for a wedding, selecting a good floral delivery service is important. Below are some tips to help you select the right service for Flower delivery Ohio

Start Searching Early

If you’re ordering floral arrangements for an upcoming event, keep in mind that demand changes with the season. Christmas sales are typically strong, as are those on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Many weddings are held in May-October, and florists are very busy during these times. Don’t wait until the last minute to order your bouquets.

Ask for Advice and Read Business Reviews

Like any other service, getting endorsements from other satisfied customers is essential. If you’re buying flowers for a large event, ask others who’ve recently held similar events for their recommendations.

Ensure the Florist Delivers to Your Area

Before placing an order, confirm that your chosen florist delivers to the area where your event is being held. Be wary of florists located far away from the venue; some venues only accept floral deliveries during a narrow window, and traffic delays could result in your delivery being late.

Get an In-Store Consultation

Most reputable Florist delivery Portland OR services offer a free initial consultation. When booking an event, call ahead to make an appointment, as you’ll likely be working with a specially-trained employee. During the consultation, the salesperson should willingly answer your questions and address your concerns; if they rush you, take your business elsewhere.

Talk About Prices

Ask the florist about pricing for the type of arrangements you intend to order. If the price you get seems high, ask about lower-cost alternatives. It’s also a good idea to ask about deposit payments; larger events usually require an upfront deposit, with the balance payable at another time. Look over your contract and find out if the deposit can be refunded—and don’t forget the receipt if you do pay a deposit.

Ask About Substitutions

As you already know, fresh flowers are delicate. Sometimes, florists have a hard time getting certain colors and varieties; ask your florist how they deal with supply issues, and ask if there will be changes to your estimate if substitutions are to be made.

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