Choosing the Right Floor Covering for the Living Room

The time has come to get rid of the old carpeting, but the homeowner is not sure what kind of replacement would be best. In fact, there are all sorts of options for Floor Covering that are worth considering. Here are a few examples that will help point the owner in the right direction.

New Carpeting

Opting for new carpeting is always worth considering. Rather than going with the same pile or fiber blend, talk with an expert about something a little different. Perhaps opting for something with more synthetic fibers would provide the durability the owner would like. Going with a pile that is a little shorter also makes it easier to clean the carpeting with ease. Always go with a product that is treated to resist staining. With the right color selection and range of features, the carpeting can give the living room a whole new look.

Wood Veneer

Another approach to Floor Covering that will work in the space is wood veneer. The veneer can be installed on the existing floor with ease. All it takes is a pad underneath to provide support. Many brands of veneer include a tongue and groove design that makes it easy to snap the sections together. Since the product comes in a wide range of stains, it will be easy to achieve the look of real wood without having to go to all that expense.

How About Tile?

When most people think of using tile in the home, the kitchen and bathroom immediately come to mind. Why not consider a tile design for the living room? For example, a tile that has the look of marble would make a great floor. Add the right area rugs and the homeowner has a space that is easier to keep clean and always looks great.

For homeowners who would like to explore these and other options, visit Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation today and talk with an expert about the many ways to add life to an older floor. By taking the time to look at the merits of each option, it will not take long to find something that is ideal for the living room. Once the decision is made, it will be easy enough to get rid of the old carpeting and set about transforming the look and feel of the floor.

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