Choosing the Perfect Ceramic Tile in Manhattan

A lot of remodeling projects involve the use of ceramic tiles. The main reason for the use of ceramic tiles is that the tiles are a much cheaper building material than most other materials. It is even cheaper than its closely related cousin, porcelain. The ceramic tiles are very durable though not quite as durable as porcelain. Using ceramic is a very cost effective way of doing a remodeling project because of the price and durability.

Choosing the Best Ceramic Tile for a Project

Now ceramic tiles are made a little differently than porcelain tiles. The process for making ceramic tiles involves clay, the main ingredient, which is pressed into a mold and dried. After drying, the tiles are then baked in a kiln similar to porcelain. Now ceramic is popular because the materials and process are cheap. There are also many creative designs that can be made from ceramic tiles, which is great for that truly unique look. Designs unique to ceramic tiles in Manhattan can really give a remodeling project that perfect look.

Besides having unique designs, good tensile strength and low cost, ceramic tiles are also very resistant to wear. This makes it very ideal for high traffic area of the home and office. Now there are five levels in the rating system for ceramic tiles, which describes how much wear they can handle. Level one is the weakest, and cannot support any traffic and level five is the hardest, which can support the most traffic.

Saving Money on Tiles

The price of ceramic tiles Manhattan area is incredibly affordable. Any project that uses ceramic tiles can certainly get it done for less. So how much does ceramic tile cost? Most of the time ceramic tile can be purchase for less than $2 per square foot and a lot of the basic colors are less than $1 per square foot.

When purchasing ceramic tiles, there are actually a few ways to save even more money. One way is to purchase direct from the manufacturer. Now there are not a whole lot of manufacturers in the United States that sell direct to customers but those that do offer some significant savings. A few manufacturers even ship direct to customers for a nominal shipping fee. Even with shipping costs applied, it actually is still a great deal when purchasing direct from manufacturers.

It should be noted, however, that ceramic tiles, unlike porcelain tiles, are never meant to be used outside. Ceramic is strictly an indoor material. They are susceptible to extreme temperatures and can crack and break in these extreme conditions. Overall, the cost savings gained from using ceramic tiles combined with the long lasting life of ceramic makes it a very attractive option for flooring, countertops, and any other indoor application.

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