Choosing the Best Possible Type of Pot in Marysville WA

Recreational marijuana is now legal throughout Washington State, and the industry is booming. As a result, adult residents can choose from quite a few different sources for this increasingly popular recreational product.

While there are various ways to enjoy marijuana safely and responsible, some of the most traditional vehicles remain among the most popular. Even if many people now enjoy marijuana-based edibles and concentrates, simple, whole buds are still some of the best sellers of all. When the time arrives to buy and partake of some pot in Marysville WA, understanding the basics will help ensure a positive experience.

Three General Types of Marijuana is Now Widely Available

When marijuana was still strictly illegal, buyers generally had few choices to choose from on the black market. That has changed greatly, with legalization opening up many opportunities for cultivators and retailers to better cater to the desires of customers.

As such, some marijuana stores and dispensaries today feature harvested, dried buds from many different cultivars and strains of the plant. All of these particular varietals, however, can be classified into one of three general categories, with these being:

  • Indica – Native to India, Cannabis indica is the type of marijuana that has been intentionally enjoyed by human beings the longest. Indica tends to produce laid-back feelings of contentment in users, although a desire to indulge in snack foods is common, as well. When used for medical purposes, C. indica-based strains of marijuana are most often used to treat conditions like anxiety and PTSD. Recreational users appreciate how indica makes it easy for them to relax.
  • Sativa – Buds taken from Cannabis sativa plants tend to produce an energetic feeling that many users see as especially appropriate to social settings like parties. Much of the available Pot in Marysville WA today comes from cultivars of C. sativa.
  • Hybrid – Finally, indica and sativa plants can also be hybridized to produce marijuana that exhibits desirable qualities of each.

Making the Most of Legal Marijuana

Check us out online and it will be seen that there are many particular types of marijuana that fall into one of these three groups. Patronizing a local store staffed by knowledgeable, helpful people will always make it simple to find the perfect pot for any occasion.

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