Choosing a Steel Exterior Door-Factors to Consider

As you go to purchase new steel Exterior Doors in South Jersey, there are many factors you need to consider. Some consumers are still under the impression that this type of door only comes in one style and it’s not a very attractive one. Nothing is further from the truth as there are a number of styles to select from as well as sizes and gauges of steel. Steel Exterior Doors in South Jersey can improve the curb appeal of the home and yet won’t cost a fortune while doing so.

When choosing a new steel front door for the home, you will find that you may choose one which offers a steel core and wood laminated over this core. Others come with a wood fiber coating, making the door indistinguishable from wooden versions. Certain doors use nothing other than steel during the construction process, yet come with a wood grain pattern that is so lifelike others won’t be able to tell the door isn’t wood until they get very close. No matter which type is selected, the door will last for a very long time to come and offers extra security.

Many choose steel as it is very durable and yet doesn’t cost as much as other types of entryway doors. High-quality wood doors and even those made of fiberglass tend to cost a great deal more than a steel version. Another benefit of choosing steel is that these doors are very durable and will last longer than their fiber and wood counterparts and yet require very little maintenance. Choose a wooden door and you will find that you have to paint it on a regular basis, yet this isn’t the case with steel doors.

One thing consumers need to be aware of when purchasing steel doors is that they are made using 100 percent steel, therefore they have a very thin skin, in most cases. This skin is attached to a steel frame to help keep the weight down, but it does make the door more susceptible to dents. Consider purchasing a thicker door if this is of concern to you as it will also help to protect your home and your investment in it.

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