Choosing a Commercial Metal Door in Nashville TN

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Safety and Security

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Commercial doors come in a variety of types and styles to meet different needs. Depending on the needs of your business, you may want a bulletproof or fire-resistant door. These doors come in many materials, from wood, to metal and glass. Commercial doors can be made for almost any application, and before making a selection, you should have an idea of the functions you need to fulfill.

Selecting Materials

When buying a commercial door, you should pay attention to its materials and its structure. Depending on the purpose for which it is intended, doors can be hollow, solid, or built to allow air to pass through. Solid doors typically come in materials such as glass or metal, with finishes added for aesthetic purposes. A solid metal commercial door may be made in one piece, or in panels, while those designed for free airflow can be made of openwork metal.

Considering the Location

Another consideration to be made when buying commercial doors is whether the door is to be used internally or externally. Doors for external use come in three styles: Those that combine entry and exit capabilities with an extra level of security, those that add extra protection by sliding or rolling in front of the regular door, and those that secure the opening when doors are left open.

Your Security Needs

When buying a commercial door for internal security, you can make your selection from a number of extra security devices. For instance, a card or keyed lock can be used to control access to certain rooms; alternatively, a biometric system or combination lock can be used. For doors that aren’t opened frequently, a deadbolt and a crossbar lock are a viable option. You can also ask your installer to fit your commercial metal doors with alarms that will sound if an unauthorized person tries to gain entry to your building.

When you are looking for commercial-grade doors for your building, Click Here to see the many choices that are available. A Commercial Metal Door Nashville TN can give your business the ease of use and security you need, while working effortlessly for many years to come.

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