Choosing a Cantilever Rack? 6 Considerations to Know

It’s tough to store bulky, long, and awkwardly-sized items. Good thing free-standing cantilever rack systems offer no vertical obstructions, making them the ideal storage solution for your warehouse. If you’re thinking about making the switch and updating your material handling system, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Learn more about your options

Before you decide that a cantilever rack is a right option for your facility, educate yourself. Knowing that a cantilever racking system is ideally suited for storing items that are longer and heavier than the average will help you decide if fits the bill for you.

Think about combining styles

If you have a traditional racking system, that doesn’t automatically mean that you can’t use cantilever racks. Look for experts to help you put together a solution that combines the two. However, a hybrid system may not allow you to fully utilize every inch of your space.

Understand how it works

The system comes with four main components: the base, arms, supports, and uprights. Knowing how all these parts work and come together will help you take better care of your racking system.

Determine your storage needs

If your business handles small items, then cantilever racks are not for you. However, if you regularly deal with bulkier materials, this racking system offers you the best way to make efficient use of any available space in your warehouse.

Get help from experts

When you’re ready to switch, find experts to design and install the system. A reputable company will send someone to assess your warehouse and design a layout that will improve the efficiency of your day-to-day tasks.

Look for custom options

If you still can’t find the right rack style, look for companies that provide custom-built solutions. Be clear about what you need out of a prospective racking system for your warehouse configuration system before you reach out to a manufacturer.

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