Change Your Life With Weight Loss Surgery in Hartford

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Health

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If you are carrying a lot more weight on your body than you would like, you should stop and think about how it is affecting your life. Some people feel fat, but they are really only a few pounds overweight. They can get through the day as well as almost anyone and their health is good. Other people, however, are actually experiencing some fairly dire physical consequences connected to the amount of fat on their bodies. If you are unable to do the things that you want to do, such as play with your children, and your health is being negatively affected, you should explore the option of Weight Loss Surgery in Hartford.

Losing weight through diet and exercise can work, but it very rarely does. Only a small fraction of the people who start any given plan will manage to stick with it and achieve any lasting weight loss at all. Most people who buy a new exercise program or try to change their diet in radical ways just end up putting their bodies through a lot of stress and then giving up and going back to their old lifestyle when it becomes clear that their tactics aren’t going to work out.

If you have already tried other approaches to losing weight and nothing has worked, it is probably time to consult with a doctor about whether you are a good candidate for Weight Loss Surgery in Hartford. In every study where it has been used, surgery was both substantially more effective in the short term and more lastingly helpful compared to efforts to simply cut calories and to exercise more. Surgery does have risks, but there is a good chance that you are already at risk for health problems due to the excess weight itself.

If you want to explore the option of Weight Loss Surgery in Hartford, you are fortune to be in an area that is served by Doctor Elmer Valin. He is a dedicated surgeon who has performed this type of procedure over 1,500 times and is board-certified in both internal medicine and general surgery. He can assess your health and your situation, and help you to decide whether this is the course that is appropriate for you.

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