Celebrity Divorce Stories Point to Need for Houston Divorce Lawyer

If you live in Houston and think you do not need a lawyer when going through a divorce, you may want to rethink that decision. A cursory glance at the celebrity tabloids reveals just about everything that can go wrong in a divorce scenario. Of course, most people do not have celebrity status, so the places, property, and finances might be different, but the nastiness can run through all demographics.

The recent sparring between Deion Sanders and his soon to be ex-wife Pilar Biggers-Sanders is a perfect example. After 12 years of marriage, three children, and a reality TV show, the couple is headed for a divorce. Details have gone public very quickly, and in a star-studded, high-stakes battle of he said-she said, the name calling and the mudslinging have escalated at a rapid and volatile pace.

Ms. Biggers-Sanders has already made public statements that Sanders is a “narcissistic serial cheater.” In contrast, he claims that she is trying to extort more money from him. Ms. Biggers-Sanders has countered that he “is a bully” and needs psychological help and a parenting coach to teach him to be a better father. She and her lawyer are also arguing that the judge should disregard the prenuptial agreement between the two and award her the majority of the estate because she was tricked into signing the deal.

Though it reads like a soap opera script, the Sanders drama may sound familiar to those who have gone through a bitter divorce. When reputations, money, houses and custody are on the line, people will say and do any number of outlandish things. For this reason, anyone who is going through a divorce must have a lawyer to give them legal counsel. Even if there has never been any celebrity-level drama in the relationship before the divorce, the emotions and frustration associated with it can bring out hidden resentments, personality traits and behaviors. Even when there is no ugliness or drama, both spouses should still make sure their needs and concerns are adequately represented.

If you are going through a divorce, even one that you anticipate will be amicable, contact a Houston divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can provide a reasoned and objective voice, as well as solid legal counsel to protect your interests.