Category 5e Patch Panels And What They Do

If you have network system or operate a computer or chances are you have either a switch or a patch panel. While many different types of patch panels exist, one of the earliest and more popular types available is Category 5e patch panels. It serves a definite purpose in connectivity for local area networks (LAN).

What is a Patch Panel?

A patch panel is also referred to as a patch bay or jackfield. The name “patch panel” indicates what it is and its purpose. It is actually a panel. It performs the task of housing a diverse amount of cable connections.

Basic Components in Category 5e Patch Panels

Category 5e patch panels or Cat 5e patch panels are faster than previous generations or intra-generations. Cat 5e is better at what it does than Cat 5 patch cables but is not as good as Cat6 Patch cables. Yet each type of patch cable performs the same role within the interconnectivity system. Both also follow the same pattern in their set-up and need for cables.

  • Setup: a patch panel is a large panel featuring several places for cable connections. Short cables are usually reserved for the front panel (usually patch cables connect these front ports to such networking equipment as routers, hubs and switches) while those that are larger tend to be placed in the back panel. This placement system is more versatile, easier to change a specific signal’s path quickly and less expensive than employing switches.
  • Cables: The patch box is the resting place, the connection for cables of all sizes and types. In Cat5e patch panels the connectors could be a Cat 5 Ethernet cable or others that fall into the category 5 designation.
  • Connectors: Patch panels may also receive electrical connectors that vary in length and purpose.

The Purpose of Category 5e patch panels

The purpose of Category 5e patch panels can vary. Their usage embraces the following:

Transfer of data
Telephone connections
Video applications
Audio applications

Category 5e patch panels can connect a wide area network (WAN) to a local area network (LAN).They exist to ensure all signals are sent to all cables without losing the signal or any data. Although an earlier version of this type of technology, it still is popular.

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