Carmax in Salt Lake City Offers One-Stop Car Shopping

Shopping for a new car is both exciting and frustrating. With so many different types of cars to choose from, at different prices, and through different dealers, how do you choose where to start? You will learn a few good reasons why you should begin your search at Carmax in Salt Lake City.

Low Prices

The pricing for cars at Carmax is already competitive when compared to the dealerships in the surrounding area. No-haggle pricing takes away the stress of wheeling and dealing with the dealer while trying to get what you feel is a fair deal on a car.

On-Site Financing

If you need financing, you can take care of that right at the dealership. They work with several different lending institutions to help you find the best possible financing for your situation. If, after you buy the car, you find better financing, you have three days to refinance the car with the new lender and pay no penalty or interest on what you had previously borrowed.

Certified Inspection

The cars you are looking at when walking through the dealership have all been put through an extensive 125 point inspection. This will help you find a car that is in great mechanical condition and lower your concerns about buying a lemon.

Money-Back Guarantee

After you buy the car and head home, you have five days to decide if you love the car or not. If, for any reason you change your mind, you can simply take the car back to the dealership and return it with no problems.

30 Day Warranty

On the chance that something goes wrong with the car within the first 30 days of ownership, the warranty will cover the cost of parts and labor.

Buying Your Car

Visiting a Carmax in Salt Lake City is great for more than just buying a new car – it is a great place to get rid of the one that you already own. You can have your old car appraised, receive an offer for it, and either use it as a trade toward a new car on the lot or take the money and buy your new car elsewhere.

Start your car search somewhere that you know could be the one and only dealership you have to visit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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