Caring for Your Condenser

Air conditioning units perform their work by taking air in from the outside and circulating it throughout the house. Obviously, the air from outside during the summer will be extremely hot, so there has to be some way for the system to cool it off before sending it back through the house. Many of us forget this, but one of the best ways to ensure that your Austin air conditioning has a long lifespan is to make sure that the unit isn’t just recycling hot air.

Most domestic air conditioning systems have a central condenser. If you go outside the house, the large box-shaped unit that sits next to the house contains the condenser and the compressor. This is central to the functions that keep your house nice and cool. The condenser takes in air from outside through its many vents and uses the air to cool the liquid inside the air conditioning system. This liquid is stored within the air conditioner’s coils, and it has to stay at a cool temperature in order for the air conditioner to function properly.

As a basic homeowner maintenance task, your job is simply to make sure that it stays clean and clear. Since the condenser is located outdoors, it’s likely that it will be exposed to dirt, grass, and other airborne particles and debris. In order to perform well, the condenser needs to have several feet of space surrounding it, so check to make sure there aren’t any plants directly near the vents and that nothing is ever leaned up against it or blocking air flow in any way. It’s also important to ensure that the vents aren’t taking in any dirt or debris, which can stop the air conditioning from functioning properly and, eventually, completely. When gardening, take special care not to let grass clippings, compost, or mulch blow into the condenser.

When the heat of Texas summer rolls into town, make sure you won’t have to worry about keeping the air in your house at a comfortably cool temperature or paying the electric company to work harder in lieu of these simple, basic tasks. Keeping an eye on the condenser—as well as regularly changing the filter in the inside unit—is the best way to keep your Austin air conditioning functioning in peak condition. However, when maintenance or service needs go beyond condenser check and filter change, call an Austin air conditioning professional to evaluate the system more thoroughly.

Indoor Weather Professionals, Inc. provides residential and commercial Austin air conditioning maintenance and repair services. Our certified technicians are trained in the latest air conditioning, heating and appliance technology. Our repair specialists are EPA certified, and we pride ourselves in being a NATE (North American Technician Excellence) company. Locally owned and operated, we’ve offered exceptional service and prices since 1994. Visit us online at or call 512.528.8288.

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