Cancer and Dental Care: Dentists Huntsville AL

Cancer treatment may involve several medical interventions that may affect your oral health. Chemotherapy, radiation treatments and certain medications can cause changes in the oral cavity that increase the risk of gum infections, promote tooth decay and worsen other underlying conditions. Begin your cancer treatment with a healthy mouth and include the dentists Huntsville AL in your cancer treatment plan of care.

Prevent Further Complications

If you have been diagnoses with cancer, it is imperative that you have a dental examination. Your dentist can treat gingivitis, secure fillings and prevent further complications that may occur during cancer treatment. Good dental health is an important part of your cancer treatment. Your dentists can provide assistance with many common side-effects that affect the mouth and cause painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

Cancer Treatment and Tooth Decay

Radiation is designed to kill malignant cells that multiply and create tumors. Unfortunately, good tissue may also be injured and a common side-effect is excessive dry mouth and decreased saliva. Saliva plays an important role and washes away the food particles in your mouth and protects the teeth from cavities. Your dentist may provide you with the soothing relief of artificial saliva and help protect your teeth from infection and tooth decay.

Radiation and Mouth Sores

A common side-effect for those who receive radiation in the head and neck may develop mouth sores, bleeding and tender gums. The dentist can provide special oral rinses that can provide relief and assist the mouth to heal. In addition, your dentist may prescribe mouth trays that are worn over the teeth and are filled with a fluoride solution to protect your teeth from decay.

Avoid the Interference of Treatment

Serious mouth infections may cause your physician to stop or change your cancer treatment. Be sure to report bleeding or swelling gums, mouth dryness, white coating on the tongue or tooth pain. Signs of infection must be treated immediately to maintain the best outcomes during cancer treatment.

Cancer Care Strategies: Dentists Huntsville AL

Cancer treatment may cause complications that affect your oral health. If you are scheduled for radiation or chemotherapy, it is imperative that you have a good dental examination to prevent some of the problems that commonly affect people in cancer treatment.

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