Camel Cigarettes: the evolution of the brand

by | Aug 17, 2011 | Shopping

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For decades now, people have proclaimed, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel.” It only shows the customer loyalty that Camel Cigarettes have managed to garner. This is remarkable for a brand that was said to be too ahead of its time. RJ Reynolds introduced the packaged cigarettes, in 1913, when people would still be rolling their own tobacco to smoke. There were many misgivings about the success of this product. The name ‘Camel’ was given to the cigarettes because they were rolled out of Turkish tobacco paper. At a time when Egyptian tobacco was immensely popular, the exoticism of the iconic mascot for the brand, ‘Joe Camel,’ worked very well. People still swear by the brand and say that it is a ‘pleasure to burn.’

Camel Cigarettes: ‘The Camels are Coming’

The country’s first nationally marketed cigarette and till now a major cigarette brand, Camel cigarettes has managed to make loyal customers and is about to complete a century of existence. Let’s trace how the brand came to be:

Then: Reynolds developed a flavor that was milder and smoother than all present day competitors, and even as people wrote Camel cigarettes off, managed to sell 425 million packs in the first year itself. Clever and innovative marketing techniques like catchy advertising slogans, an exotic mascot and distribution of free cigarettes did wonders for the brand. To keep it interesting, Camel cigarettes came up with many offers, such as ‘camel cash,’ which was a note found in the packets and could be exchanged for products from a camel cash catalogue.

Now: The cigarettes have evolved over the years to continue matching the changing tastes and keep up with demands of high quality. The paper used is still the smooth Turkish paper and it is now available in three families of flavors and a lot of variants. The three flavors are Classic, Turkish and Exotic Blends.
What tomorrow holds: The brand’s rich heritage and its positioning today as a classic yet young brand with a colorful personality ensures its longevity. It has seen sustained growth and promises of a bright future in sales and investment can be assured. It is still the largest and fastest growing full price brand, which has shown consistent market share growth and marketplace momentum.

People continue to stick to Camel cigarettes as their favored brand. Almost a century later, RJ Reynolds still enjoys consistent sales. With the changing market, the consumers have changed only their way of buying cigarettes. Nowadays, the cigarettes can be bought online at great discounts, but the brand and quality remain unchanged.

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