Call for HVAC Repair in Cape Coral Before the Weather Gets Any Hotter

One thing is certain in Florida: You don’t want to be without a working air conditioner. Therefore, you should get any needed HVAC repair in Cape Coral before the weather returns to its usual 90+ temperatures. Not only will this ensure that you aren’t miserable once summer comes, it will allow you to beat the real rush for services that will come in as people realize that running fans really isn’t going to cut it.

When a technician comes out, he will usually ask you exactly what your air conditioner is or isn’t doing even if you’ve already told the receptionist. Patiently explain the problem again; this will ensure that nothing was lost when the message was sent to him by the front desk. What you tell the repair person will help guide the next steps. Techs from companies like Eco Air Conditioning will usually try to run the system as well, because observing it while it is attempting to operate will provide useful clues.

A refusal of the system to operate at all usually indicates a problem with the thermostat or electrical system. A machine can’t run if it isn’t getting the signal to start or the power to respond to such a signal. If the system runs, but only provides a small amount of cooling, the repair person may start looking for a coolant leak. As coolant leaks out, the air conditioner is less and less able to cool until it can’t do so at all. If a leak is found, it will have to be fixed before the system can be recharged.

If the unit has the full amount of coolant but still isn’t cooling, there may be something blocking its ability to exhaust heat to the outdoors. In that case, it’s typical to check for blockages around the outdoor unit. Fallen leaves, weeds, and even bent fins can force the heat to cycle right back inside instead of dissipating.
These are just a few things that may be found when you call for HVAC repair in Cape Coral. No matter what the problem is, a competent repair person will be able to get the chill winds blowing once again.

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