Bulk Water Delivery in Guilford Enables New Hydraulic Fracturing Efforts

by | Jul 29, 2015 | General

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With hydraulic fracturing and other petroleum extraction projects now becoming more common in Connecticut, a new wave of support partners is volunteering to help out. The global oil and gas industry has long relied for its work on the efforts of capable second parties, and the present developments in Connecticut are no exception to this rule. Given the lack of much in the way of history of this sort in this state, though, what is mostly happening is that companies with other primary focuses are stepping in to fill the gaps.

As a means of petroleum extraction, for example, hydraulic fracturing is famously prodigious in its appetite for water. Millions of gallons of water, augmented with proprietary blends of other substances, must be pumped deep down into the earth in order to create the subterranean fractures that then release precious petroleum.

Unfortunately, few extraction sites actually provide convenient access to the water that is needed. Instead, water must typically be brought in from outside, often even being trucked for many miles before it can be used for hydraulic fracturing or other purposes.

Bulk Water Delivery in Guilford and other places where hydraulic fracturing projects are ongoing, then, is now in great demand. Given that there are few companies in the state that have traditionally focused on supporting the oil and gas industry, what has instead happened is that businesses with other specialties have pivoted to provide the necessary assistance.

Bulk Water Delivery in Guilford and elsewhere, for example, is now supplied by Business Name and other companies with a history of focusing mostly on other things. With fleets of trucks and the trained drivers needed to operate them, these companies have enabled the hydraulic fracturing experts from outside of Connecticut to get right to work quickly.

In fact, developments of this kind have been fairly common since work on hydraulic fracturing in Connecticut recently began in earnest. While the state will never stand at the top of the lists of those responsible for supplying the world with petroleum, the important assistance these companies are receiving is helping it to make a dent.

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