Building Your Dream Home in Sugarland

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Real Estate

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Bryce and Patty Reynolds moved to Sugarland, Texas to pursue a dream, joining the many young couples presently building new homes in Sugarland. “I love the innovation that was put into creating the downtown area,” says Bryce. “This is the kind of community we have been looking for all of our lives. I love the main street and the ability to just stroll through town and see everyone else active and alive and thriving. It’s a cure for depression. It’s awesome.”

I also enjoy the shops,” adds Patty. “You can go to downtown Sugarland and everything is within walking distance, whether you want to have dinner after work, go see a movie, or just take a walk on the Plaza. It combines a small town atmosphere with all the amenities of a big city. It’s wonderful.”

The Reynolds couple began looking to join the many who are building new homes in Sugarland after considering living within the city limits of Houston, but opted for the former instead. They both love Houston and its diversity, but the much smaller community life of Sugarland, as well as of the planned community through which new homes in Sugarland are being built, appealed strongly to them both.

It’s partly the feeling of safety that drew us,” says Bryce, “and the – I don’t know how to describe it – just the ability to carve out your own dream, your own life and identity. It’s American as… being American. The reasonable price on building a new home here lured us in, as well.”

The Reynolds’ made plans to design and customize a new home in Sugarland through a Houston builder who has been in the business for decades and has built a strong reputation of trust and reliability. The couple’s new home is situated in a convenient location within a master planned community. They enjoy many of the amenities of their community, as well as living and working within proximity to downtown Sugarland.

This is our dream,” says Patty, who made most of the design choices that are available to people who choose to build new homes in Sugarland.It’s amazing because we are not rich by any means. We’re just ordinary citizens, but we are living in our dream home in a vibrant community with people we enjoy having for neighbors. Sure, problems still come up, but that’s life. We embrace the positive, and in our lives, being able to live our dream pretty much outweighs everything else.”

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